The core idea behind the letter ‘’C’’ in our name is Communication.

We believe that communication is of two types: Effective and Non Effective.

Non effective communication is what everybody says. It is like an arrow aimed at the target in the dark. This in most of the cases goes unnoticed.

Effective communication on the other hand is something very clear and specific. This is done in total acknowledgment of the exact problem and the factors surround it. This gets noticed as it stands out in the clutter.

Creative C is a team of professionals from the fields of mass-communication, arts and market analysts formed since Feb. 2009. It is a cohesive unit which works to communicate a brand to its target audiences in an effective way.

Our mission is to provide high quality services in the areas of marketing communication to our clients to help them create powerful and successful future brands.

The other connotations of the letter “C” in our name would be:

1. Contemplate Extensive research, getting into the skin of the problem in the brainstorming sessions.
2. Contemporary An idea that is just brilliant but which is relating to the era we actually live in.
3. Commitment A cohesive group of artists, working together to crack the problem.
4. Conscience Before finalizing any work we have to get the permission from our hearts!